2014 OneLap of America

It’s that time of the year again!! OLOA!  Except this year for OneLap of America we decided to build something just a little bit out of the box.  We have been having great success with our V10 Twin Turbo systems and decided we would take OLOA as an opportunity to really put one to the test.   That said right after OneLap last year I sat down with Doug and Leh trying to decide what to do next!  The consensus was very unanimous… a Red Audi R8 6spd manual was the goal for 2014 OLOA!

If I was to be honest with everyone I did not think it was a reality at the time.  Just to start with such an awesome car then modify the heck out of it wasn’t something I knew if we could pull of.  Nevertheless as the months rolled on the fantasy became more and more a possible reality!  So I went on the hunt for the one of 22 Red, V10, 6spd R8s ever shipped into the US!   Well last fall I locked one in and purchased a bone stock 2011 R8.  I got to drive the car for a couple weeks (I know I was sad) then she went under the knife. The goal was to create the ultimate combination of crazy wild race car look and show car quality in and out!  Leh honestly had most of the vision when it came to the bodywork along with Bryson of Classic Livery of Atlanta.  Between those two they really designed the look of the car.

The body is modeled off of the Audi R8 Ultra race car only a street going version… READ FULL POST »

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